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Other Females

Hera Crna Cizmica

Hera Crna Cizmica Multi V1 rated (Quex vom Kummelsee x Megy Crna Cizmica by Mambo Crna Cizmica) Hera is a super female, strong charactoristics. She is a super producer with a super temperament. She is proudly owned by Vom Waffenmiester Rottweilers.

Crema Delle Abbadesse

Crema Delle Abbadesse(Hero von der Tonberger Hohe BH, IPO 2, VPG 1,ZTP out of Queen Delle Abbadesse ZTP by Indios dell Antico Guerriero)Multi V1 female. Beautiful female with a top pedigree! Proudly owned by Vom Waffenmiester Rottweilers.